Please note: All exterior lights must remain off during the entire movie because lights interfere with the video quality of the screen.

Need help figuring out how? Please try the following…

  • Most vehicles: Usually you can simply turn the headlight switch to off, but we’re guessing you tried that.  Sometimes the knob turns backwards slightly to turn the lights off.
  • Most newer vehicles:
    1.  Turn vehicle all the way off.
    2.  Turn all lights to off.
    3.  Engage your emergency brake.
    4.  You should now be able to turn the car to ACC or on and the lights remain off.
      Note: Sometimes this overrides the lights only while the turned to ACC and not while cranked.
  • Other newer vehicles: Light options are controlled via the vehicles settings menu accessed via the vehicle controls integrated in the dashboard or radio.  If the option is difficult to find then you may need to refer to your owners manual or a search engine for instructions.

If you have any issue at all then please ask a staff member for assistance.  We are happy to help.

Note: If all else fails then we have headlight covers available free of charge.

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